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Loved the history lesson Eric.

I have a Lasoya encounter.
I remember facing Chris once during those dominant years he was on Avalanche.
'Lanche was on a mini SoCal tour practising against a few teams at their home turfs, 10man woodsball back then.
On a whim I unknowingly drove to Conquest where they were setting up to play Fatal Swoop. Swoop only had 9 guys so they asked me to guest.
When the game started I long balled Dan Bonebrake off the break.
The side I was defending was soon getting mowed fast and ugly. Both sides lost bodies but Swoop was down to only a few of us left.
I made a split second decision to throw caution to the wind and swung quickly to the other side to see if I could make a play somewhere else.
Nobody on 'Lanche expected it.
I caught Chris, Rocky, Glenn Forster, and someone else, Weasel I think, with their guard down and eliminated them before they knew it. They never even got to fire back at me in fact.
I made a break for their flag station and their last player Mark Knopff saw me and ran back to head me off. We blazed away taking each other out.
No survivors in the game.
After that game, Chris came over to my truck and introduced himself to me wanting to shake my hand.
He wanted to compliment me and actually asked me how I just did that.
It felt really good to get respect from someone of his playing caliber and I'll never forget that day.
It's said of Chris that when it came to paintball, he did things HIS way or NO way at all.
Please excuse my boasting but I just thought I'd share a humble side of him most don't get to see.


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