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Originally Posted by FeWolf View Post
stevefeadding all you this evening to my list, did I miss anyone, I am going for a prem account if anyone would like to form a platoon and have some team fun.
Sweet, thanks Fe!

I'm happy to platoon any time I'm not popping on-off for a few quick rounds. Good fun!

Here is an excellent handful of key tips to improve anyone's game: Tips, Tactics and Strategy

Someone mentioned that this game contains a ton of the same tactics/strategies as paintball and I couldn't agree more.

You gotta know the field, you gotta move off the break and get as far forward as possible while still leaving you time to get set up. You often win battles where you see the other guy first, and lose battles where you don't. Most notably, angles matter!

Loving the game so far, working my way towards a German VK3601H (gonna use the conical barrel on it for massive penetration), using a PzIII and Luchs for scouting.

See you in the game!
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