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I would go with a piece of fruit and milk or fruit and mixed nuts, fruit and peanuts, protein shake and fruit, you get the idea. Whey powder and fruit can be carried around all day and you could always buy milk.

My eating philosophy is don't eat anything that comes from the center of the supermarket, which most energy bars or whatever probably do. Alternatively, you could make some hummus and eat that. It's good when it sits out all day... I don't know about it sitting in a hot car though. But, what I listed here is what I take for snacks when I'm spending the day on campus.

Taste-wise, I like Nature Valley. Or Quaker Chewy bars but I don't know how natural either bar is. It also depends if you're trying to use the bar as a protein supplement or something like that because I think people do... but I'd take the protein from the nuts, peanuts, milk or whey over that.

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