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First Look at CCM's Newest Pump Gun

CCM's newest and latest offering, to be released tomorrow (later today actually), is their newest pump gun.

While the pump gun still currently lacks a name, what it doesn't lack is new ideas and style.


Internal Auto-Trigger
New Valve Cartridge
Integrated Rail for ASA built into the Grip Frame
New Mini Regulator
Metal Trigger
Addition of a 14" barrel length
Twist Lock / Release Bolt (no more pin to pull)

This gun is still currently considered a prototype and will not be available for sale right away.

CCM will have a booth set up at Living Legends tomorrow, so please make sure you stop by and check out the newest addition to the CCM line up.

Save up your pennies folks!!!

We would like to thank the fine and gracious hosts at CCM for giving us the chance to have a look at their newest wares. A big thank you to Rod for taking the time to take the gun apart and show us how it all comes together and works.

More photos below:

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