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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
My issue with "capped" tubes is there's nothing fast about them.

When under fire, I want to be able to reload in ONE motion and that means capless.

I have yet to use a full 60 rounds capless + 10 on gun in a single game. (more like "60 a day") The other 40-rounds in the pouch are for between-game restocking of the capless tubes.

Going MOLLE with more capless tubes only delays the interval of between game restocking from capped tubes.
I have the quick reload lids, so I will practice with them so that I am able to reload in one motion,

and I am sure I will use more than 60 rounds in a big game

Thats why I want to carry quite a few on me, not mainly for the game, but so I don't have to visit base camp as much, as it can be quite abit from respawning sometimes
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