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Old Timers League

Ok if this is the wrong area for this idea move it over to the right area please.

Ok so the other day I was talking with some of the guys and I asked if there was a league similar to an old timers bracket like in motorcross. In case you have no clue about what I talking about, in our area the motorcross groups have brackets set up for specific age classes so that riders of similar abilities and more importantly ages can compete against each other. Generally the mindset of a an eighteen to twenty year old is different form say a thirty or fifty year old. A friend of mine competes in the bracket and he is over fifty.
This got me to thinking about an old timers league or bracket for us older persons (boys and girls alike) whom are nuts enough to run around and shoot each other. Has this idea been presented to any governing body of any formal league? If so did die off faster then the elderly player base. Do you guys think that it would be an idea worth trying, at least on a local level I am going to put out some feelers to see if I can get some form of backing and gauge interest.

Geezer jokes and walkers aside, whaddya think?
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