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FS: Bodies, Rails, Trigger Frames, ASA's, Feednecks, Barrels, etc

Selling some parts off. All prices are priced pp'ed and shipped. Please post here and send me a PM if you're interested in something.

Rails and Trigger Frames:
Raw Prototype Ripper Rail (with sear and axle): $65
Benchmark frame w/ Automag double trigger (winged for classic rail): $20
Chrome E-blade Frame (with board v1.06 and sear): $90

Loaders, Tanks, & Misc:
Black Egg (busted shell and lid): $15
Camo Vlocity Jr (two cracks at feedneck, couple of body dings): $30
68/3000 System X carbon fiber tank (7/02 date; needs hydro) w/ Centerflag Hyper Flow 400 regulator; gauge cracked: $40
Automag RT video (VHS is cracked, but works fine): $6
Automag video: $7

Chrome Dye SS Barrel (Automag Right/Left): $35
J&J Ceramic Barrel (Automag Centerfeed): $30
Black ACI Zero-Gravity Barrel (unknown threads): $10
Black Smart Parts Progressive Barrel (ICD threads): $10
Gloss Blue 12" Freak Front: $20

Black Stock AGD feedneck: $4
Gloss Black Hi-rise Angel/ULE Automag feedneck: $5
Black Gas-thru Foregrip (rather used): $10
Green Winged Foregrip (couple of dings): $10
ANS X-Gen2 Vertical Reg (some nicks): $10 SOLD
Silver/Black Macdev Gladiator Regulator: $65
Gloss Black Bottomline ASA adapter, angled dual port: $7
Black ASA to 1/8" NPT adapter: $5
Black RT Pro Vertical ASA (hole drilled through the part between the screws): $12
Crossfire 3000psi Tank Regulator: $15
Emag double trigger (w/ magnets): $15
Angel Scorpion Trigger: $5
Black NW Paintball drop forward and on/off ASA: $20
Stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ 90 Fittings: $5 each
Stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ Female Q/D: $6
Stainless Steel Braided Hose w/ Blue 90 Fittings: $5
Etek Ego Parts (rammer, end caps): $5
Classic Sear (old style): $15 SOLD
Classic Sear: $15 SOLD
Field Strip Screw: $6 each BOTH SOLD
Ion Body: $6
Bob Long Intimidator O-ring Kit: $4

Harness & Shin Protectors:
Camo 6+1 Harness w/ Camo Suspenders (includes 5 VL pods): $25
Smart Parts Regegade Camo Shin Pads (size XL): $10

Sold Items Not Pictured:
Minimag Powerfeed Body (pump milled): $35 SOLD
Lo-rise Centerfeed Body: $75 SOLD
Centerfeed Classic Body w/ Ego XSV feedneck: $65 SOLD
Reverse Minimag Valve: $65 SOLD
Minimag Valve: $45 SOLD
Classic 68 Automag Valve w/ titanium hurricane reg and venturi bolt: $45 SOLD
Classic 68 Automag Valve w/ ANS Quick Twist velocity adjuster: $40 SOLD
Black Viewloader Revy 9v: $30 SOLD
Powerfeed Minimag Body w/ aluminum parabolic powerfeed plug (cut feedneck): $35 SOLD
Automag CF single trigger frame: $15 SOLD
Classic Automag Rail (small nick shown in pic): $30 SOLD
Chrome Taso Rail: $50 SOLD
Black Classic Rail: $35 SOLD
Single Trigger Benchmark Frame (no safety): $25 SOLD
Carbon Fiber Automag frame w/ Smart Parts Right Hand Wooden Grips: $35 SOLD
Black Etek Frame (w/ camo trigger): $20 SOLD
Clear Viewloader Revy (some cracks near screws): $25 SOLD
Clear Viewloader Revy w/ Intellifeed wire (some cracks near screws): $25 SOLD
Black Halo B w/ Powerlyte suicide shell and rip drive: $40 SOLD
Black Automag Barrel (Right/Left; couple of nicks): $10 SOLD
Chrome Barrel (Autococker Threads): $15 SOLD
Black Smart Parts Progressive Barrel (Automag Right/Left): $15 SOLD
Pre-G7 Angel Smart Parts Freak Barrel Back: $20 SOLD
Freak Barrel Back (Autococker threads, pretty used shape): $25 SOLD
ACI Coiled On/Off Remote: $15 SOLD
Logic 90 Degree Grips (one starting to tear at bottom screw): $10 SOLD
New Silver Polished Bob Long Gear Drive On/Off ASA: $50 SOLD
Black Shocktech Rail: $5 SOLD
Black System X On/Off ASA: $10 SOLD
Bottomline ASA adapter, std: $5 SOLD
Black Bullet LPR (scratched up near nut): $8 SOLD
Black Tickler LPR (scratched up a little near nut): $15 SOLD
New Gloss Red NDZ Angel-threaded feedneck: $15 SOLD
Classic Automag Sear: $12 each BOTH SOLD
Dust Black Foregrip: $8 SOLD
Braided hose with female quick disconnects: $6 each BOTH SOLD
Vertical Automag ASA's: $10 BOTH SOLD
Etek Ego Piston: $5 SOLD
New Dust Silver NDZ Ego feedneck: $15 SOLD
New Gloss Black CP Quick Disconnect Autococker feedneck (no collars): $5 SOLD
Black Bob Long Xpress ASA (missing mounting hardware): $5 SOLD
Dust Black Bottomline ASA adapter, angled: $6 SOLD
Black Vertical Automag ASA (one nick as shown): $10 SOLD
SS Hardline with Slide check for Automag Classic: $25 SOLD


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