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Quoted from Ed over on Pbn

Originally Posted by CS@PbNation View Post
Something exciting is happening to and paintball.

We wanted you to be among the first to know that has been acquired today by a public company, CrowdGather, Inc. (CrowdGather - Find it on Forums)

The largest media outlet for paintball is now part of a growing community that will help expose paintball to many new advertisers and viewers. The purchased of by a public company is recognition that the paintball community is an important and desirable market with tremendous potential.

The CEO of CrowdGather is a long-time forum owner and operator and is completely dedicated and passionate in the believe that forums are an important and vital part of the Internet experience. He has a vision of how CrowdGather will successfully grow and the other communities associated with their team.

We had several companies that were actively pursuing for purchase. CrowdGather was the obvious choice as they have a long-term vision for the growth of forum communities and they recognized the tremendous value of our team and marketshare.

In the long-term, the paintball community will benefit as CrowdGather grows and brings major, national advertisers into CrowdGather communities. This is something that has always been elusive to the sport of paintball but now becomes a probable outcome as becomes a part of a larger whole.

We believe that the CrowdGather team (including you) will be able to grow and improve with the additional resources that will become available by this acquisition.

Thank you for making this the Home Page for Paintball and for your continued support.

All the best,
The Team at PbNation
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