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Originally Posted by Tbuck View Post
No worries, I appreciate all the feedback; positive or negative. Originally I had planned on no music and just the on field audio. When I converted the format for the video to be able to use my movie maker the audio didn't transfer for some reason. Next time will be on field audio only for sure.
If you have an older video editing program, mpeg4s which may or may not be what contours save their files as will lose sound. Premier Pro CS4 would actually only import the audio. I had to convert the container on every clip to .mov. Premier Pro CS5 doesn't have that issue.

A few thing's I've learned over the past year+ making vids for the field is to pick your song FIRST and then edit your vid over it not the other way around. You can mess with the volumes so you have music and the sounds of the game at the same time. Here's an example of the above. Posted this last night:

Also, sometimes you may have to play the same field twice, run the same route, and attach the camera in different places and edit it together to make a more interesting vid. Short example of that is this:

Keep on makin vids man! The ideal set up (In my eyes) is a contour on your mask and a Go Pro on your gun (barrel cam). Paintball is one of the most difficult things to film in a way that keeps people interested. The more you do the better you'll get at it. You seem to already have your head wrapped around the basics of it which is a good thing. Good luck with your future projects!
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