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I need help: Palmer Blazer, agd pump mag, and a Mark Davis Mark 2 Cocker

Alright guys, I have been out of the sport for about two years now and I was looking through my old gear randomly and found all of this. Some parts I remember, some parts I don't, any help as to what the parts or would be appreciated.

First, Palmer Blazer:

Palmer Blazer by hansford.mark, on Flickr

I feel like I have this guy pretty well nailed: Standard black blazer with nickel highlights, nickel 12 inch barrel, and I'll include a black 15* asa and silver CP shorty reg when I sell it.

Second, AGD Pumpmag:

Agd Pump Mag by hansford.mark, on Flickr

I know it has lapco bigshot barrel, but other than that I am pretty clueless when it comes to the grips, body, and pump kit. Any ideas?

Third, a PMS Mark Davis Mark 2 Cocker

Mark Davis Mark 2 Cocker by hansford.mark, on Flickr

I think I know this guy fairly well: Eclipse Blade Frame with Extreme Rage grip timer grips and partly ANS, partly Palmer pneumatics. I remember starting to take it apart to convert to a pump, but never got fully around to it.

I would love any help you guys can offer and if this is the appropriate place for it (I can't remember where), could you give me an estimate of value on them? I'm looking to sell them fairly quickly so I will sell at whatever price it takes to move them.

Thanks guys!
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