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Big Game: Operation Hockey

Hey guys, Just letting everyone know about whats going on this weekend at Real Deal Paintball. Everything you need to know is below...........

Real Deal Paintball Corporation
4032 County Road 43
Kemptville, Ontario

Saturday, May 28 9:00am - 12:00pm

Operation Hockey! Sens vs. Everyone else!

Register early or we will pick the team you are playing for!

Pre-registration will be an option for all Big Games. All those who pre-register will get a special bonus. The special bonus will be different for each Big Game.

Events Real Deal Paintball Corporation > Store at Real Deal Paintball's Store

The Game:

Two teams, five flags, and two nets!


Raise your flag at a flag station: 100 points

Drop a charge bag in your opponents net barrel: 500 points

Send an opponent back to his base camp: 10 points

Spies, Assassins and Team Medics in effect this game!

Be There!!!
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