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...A safety hazard? How are they more of a safety hazard than a DM10/11/NT on ramping? Or a Phantom/PGP/Sniper? They all do the same thing.

And as far as "legit sport" goes, paintball has a pretty long way to go, and as another said, those people who want it make it a "sport" aren't fun to play with anyways.
IDK what looks more real a DM10 or a rap4 ak47. There are people who are fun to play with and yes paintball has a long way to go if you want to shoot each other with guns that look like M4's or AK's then play airsoft or get your head examined. The sport is not that far away there just needs to be a unified set of rules a commision and corporate backing and bringing the game back for older people to enjoy instead of the all the little kids playing. I enjoy playing with adults a hell of a lot more then children. Why market a sport to people who dont have money thats like marketing a ferrari to homeless people.
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