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fsr dmr idea

i have an idea for a firststrike/paint shell feed marker but i don't have any way to render it and i can't work out what style valve to use, (i.e. a pre-existing one or air charge in the shell or a new style).

i can't tell if it should be a plane jane bolt action, a semi auto mech of a type or if the air charge is in the shell an airsoft style valve(basicly an AEG gearbox to load and fire the shells).

my current idea is to run a bipod on the front and a mono pod out of the grip(think DSR-1 style) and a dogleg style stock to allow it to be sighted in with a mask for use with first strike rounds. my only plan for the mags is that the mags can fit into already avalible pouches(even if its not a mag/pod pouch)

the reason i call this the dmr project is: dmr stands for desagnated marksman rifle witch seems more accurate than sniper rifle. if i can make it work i may consider selling some if people want them.

if there are any typos ect please tell me so i can edit this post to be more readable.
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