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Originally Posted by CCM CHICK View Post
The delay is simply we have run out of raw stock! The little bit of stuff we had for the Living Legends really took itís toll on in house inventory, coupling that with the machine time that was required to do prototyping we have just fallen a little behind. The shop floor is working double time right now trying to get caught up. (bless their hearts!)

All I can say is please be patient and work with us, we truly are doing EVERYTHING in our power to get caught up. It is to the point where for the first time ever Bill and Laurie have actually asked if possible for people to hold off on vactions to do so.

One final point to the newer faces waiting on a marker from us, remember these are custom built to order guns, every single one of them. To be able to offer that takes a little more time than the standard person maybe used to waiting. All I can say is we try to make it worth wild in the long run.
Ive actually heard that rod kisses every single marker before packaging. that alone takes up valuable time/ resources.

I'm just kidding, you have to wait for the best!!!
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