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All 13ci tank covers—regardless of color—utilize the same 550 strength para cord and are secured closed with military grade 3/16" 330lb test elastic shock cord. It takes Steven about two hours to weave one cover. If he doesn’t have a particular color on hand (and he’s building up stock at the moment), the wait to order, fabricate and ship is about seven days.

Other cover sizes (e.g. 45ci or 68ci) are possible, but would be custom jobs at this point. And I should note that the material is very substantial—a 68ci tank cover might weigh as much as the bottle itself!

The cover arrived well packaged via USPS Priority Mail. I was immediately surprised at the heft and thickness of the cover. Guys, this cover is a beast.

As shown in the picture, the cover goes onto the bottle from the back forward. It requires hand strength to do this and it took a few tries to find the proper angle. Fit is generally snug around the bottle and while the cover WILL rotate if you deliberately try to turn it, it doesn’t hang or spin.

As mentioned above, the seam on the tank is a unique design Steven has come up with. If I look for it, I can find the ridge which marks the seam. But you could easily miss it on first glance, and it certainly has no impact on comfort. The elastic cord at each end is secured in a knot which is “flippy” when the cover is not on the tank, but which nests into the cover once on the bottle and cannot be discerned if shouldering the tank. See pics.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

I figured people would want to know how the cover takes hits and cleans up. So I put it in the backyard and put four rounds into it at 300fps, close range. See pic:

I then took the cover off and dropped it directly into the washing machine for one regular wash cycle. This pic is the cover seconds after it came out of the wash—no paint or shell evident anywhere. Cover looks just as it did.

+ Looks. Finally, a 13ci tank cover that I find visually appealing
+ Build. Excellent quality, expert construction--made in USA
+ Feel. Unique, heavy duty design increases comfort factor with small tank
+ Lots of great colors available—customizable for unique markers
+ Very smooth buying process with excellent comms from seller

- Woven threads are durable, but may collect paint—washing may be required for messy hits (fortunately, it cleans up without any fuss)
- Sliding cover on and off is not easy—and can pop off if not careful when removing it partway to show hydro date


I am very happy to use this cover with my 13ci tank. It is VERY robust. Taking it on and off requires a bit of practice. But once I figured it out, I found it increases my joy rocking a 13ci tank. I see no reason it would fail under even the heaviest of abuse. But as time goes by and I log more hours on the cover, I'll be sure to come back and update this review.

Thanks for reading!

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