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The Re-thread thread

Some of you know that I have been offering some light machining services for paintball guns.

One of the more unique services I offer is upgrading your gun to autococker threads.

When was the last time you saw a WGP barrel on a Spyder?

What kind of guns can I do? Well...... I can do spyders, trracers, anything that is unibody with a 1 inch outside diameter. I can rethread most barrels. I can rethread some barrel backs to accept autococker fronts. The list goes on and on...

One of Titus' SNY Nelspots

Trracer- Note that you will need to find another pump handle, or there is an additional charge to bore the old one to 1" ID. The handle is made of glass reinforced nylon, and is an itchy pain to get through.

Note the lower right corner. This is a Rich Breen custom barrel from... Well... Before he passed away. It was originally ProStar Kodiak threads. The barrel has been rethreaded to Autococker. In the middle of the toolbox is Wrongbloke's pump-mag. LINK->

Current Pricing: $35 and return shipping for internal OR external threads.

I can also thread barrel tips 7/8-20 for loudeners and other accessories.

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