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Originally Posted by grantis2911 View Post
I am just starting to really get into golf and my parents offered to get me some new irons. Any suggestions out there? I'm looking to stay in about the $400-$600 dollar range. Right now at the local golf store they have a lefty set of TaylorMade Burner 1.0 3-PW set for $400 that I'm leaning towards but just wondering if you know of any other nice set in that range (also looked at Callaway Diablo's). Also, just wanting to pick you brains on anything golf. Are shoes neccesary? What ball do you hit? Do you use a glove? Also, are there any Mcb-like forums focusing on golf?
Starting out, look at any decent cavity back. Titleist AP1 seemed to feel the best for me, but that is just me. Go to your local golf club or sporting goods store and try out a few different clubs. Don't jump to what looks nicest or has the best "name".

In my mind, shoes are very important. Spikes will keep you from sliding during your shot and will keep your feet dry when it is wet. How much do you plan on playing? Casual player or do you want to get into tournaments?

Balls - Personally, I play V1x's. As a general rule of thumb, if you see anything that says max distance, extra long, or anything along those lines, stay away from it. Max distance usually means extra hard. "soft" feeling balls will help you much more than an extra yard or two. If you find balls while you are playing, use them. You don't have to have the nicest or most expensive balls.

For a glove, I use a footjoy weathersof(sp?) glove. It is like 10.00 from my proshop and gets me through a month or two. Don't worry about these fancy gloves that you see that cost 30.00 or more, you just need something to keep your club from slipping.

Hope this helps!
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