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Really good guy to deal with. I bought CCI Phantom from him he shipped right away and responded quickly. Unfortunately when i received then gun it was leaking some air i blame the post office on that one. The air was an easy fix cost me $30 for a micro line and micro line fittings. The one down side to this gun was i also needed to order another $30 spring and seal kit because the internals were not in such great shape. When i disassembled the valve the spring practically disintegrated in my hands and it was filthy dirty. I put about $60 into this gun along with a little oil and she is working awesome now, but a little disappointed the valve and other internals were so dirty. Other then Cleanliness of the gun he is a good guy to deal with. He also just sent me a Refund for the money i spent on the spring and seal kit and appologized for not checking the valve before shipping it out. I would deffinatly do business with him again A+

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