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Mag w/ Surge Valve, Rapide, Bad Company Spyder

I am just copying my descriptions from my old sales threads. Same guns, new prices:

Gun #1

I have this mag that I picked up off Craigslist in a nice package for an amazing price. I had originally planned to keep it and play around with it but money is more important now.

It is a normal lvl 7 automag with no stars left. The cool thing about this gun is that it has a pretty cool upgrade.
Fubarius(a member here) explains it best:
Originally Posted by Fubarius
It's a cooper-t surge valve setup. The vertical adaptor there replaces the valve on the tank. The line from the bottom line feeds into the tank and into a small tube that goes to the bottom of the tank. The other line feeds from the top of the tank. So any liquid from the bottom line collects at the bottom of the 4oz, and the gun is fed gas from the top of the tank.

It comes with a normal crownpoint barrel. The gun is well used and shows that but still is one tough gun.

I just tested it and the gun works.
Price: $108.56 + shipping
(free shipping to MCB premium members in cont. US)

Gun #2:
Splatmaster Rapide.

I bought this one from Carp13 a few years ago. It is a neat gun with an even cooler magazine. I just wont see myself using this at all.

Price: $36.35 plus shipping
(free shipping to MCB premium members in cont. US)

Gun #3:
"Bad Company Spyder"
I dont even know what it is. Here is the story:

$35 plus shipping SOLD TO BACCI
(free shipping to MCB premium members in cont. US)

I also have a few grey bodied spyders if you want them, send me a PM.

PM me with offers or questions.

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