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Custom Milled 2011 Alien Guns For sale Here!

Did 10 of these and have maybe 8 left to sell.

Worked with Jack over at Alien and took 10 raw aliens and turned them into these:

More Photos Here

Silver and Black main bodies in gloss. Accent kits in alien dust ano with silver green and black for colors.

We added custom grips, a five piece barrel kit, changed the look and lightened them up a couple ounces. Guns have all the best of what you get from alien (critical trigger, tadao board . . .) and all the custom details added to them.

With the gun you get the newest bolt alien supplies in black delrin (more durable!), custom milled body, reduced weight frame, and colors that can not be had through alien! They don't do gloss finish on their guns and you won't see this milling on any other guns!

All this and the gun comes with the 5 piece (4 backs instead of 2) J&J barrel kit, and the usual alien gun bag.

Special pricing is through forums only! Please PM me for a list of remaining colors when you are ready to order.


I may be willing to let one of my personal guns go for regular Retail of 1150$. Contact me if interested! Thanks, Mat

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