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Originally Posted by thekicker99 View Post
I bought an impulse from him and it didnt work right when i got it i then have tried numerous times to contact him and he still hasnt gotten back to me i would really like my money back
I know this is long past the issue, but as far as I could tell what happened was that he using CO2 (older imps can handle that fine) but attaching the tank to the bottomline Max Flo. He later sent me a pic of the Max Flo Reg removed, and a standard ASA in its place. That will blow the solenoid.

I tried to trouble shoot as best I could over email/IM. Offered to rebuild it if sent back. I did stop replying after requests to swap it out for other guns. I have the emails I'd be willing to forward if anyone wants them.

I am sorry to thekicker99 and all members that this didn't end better.

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I hope everyone is having a great day!

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