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I'd second bigballa and Alpha. Piranhas and choice Tippies and Spyders are a good bet.

For Tippies it's Pro/Am/Lite, Carbine, 98. You can practically find them in giveaway bins these days, and they are mostly bulletproof. Powertubes are the bane of the 98, but even that is relatively rare, and most of the cheapies on eBay have never been rentals anyway.

Spyders are more spotty. Some are better than others. The Rodeo is a superb specimen, and you can pick them up in packages for cheap.

Shoot, with as much stuff as we have floating around in the MCB star system, I'd be surprised if you can't find most of what you're looking for here, and for reasonable coin.

If nothing else we can keep eyes and ears out for good deals out there.

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