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No way to safely control...what sort of safety violation are we talking about here? And blind firing is far different from remote firing. With this I have camera and can see where it is firing....I can see how close the target is...firing blind I could be shooting around a corner and hitting person in the face.

I know as far as I am concerned I could manage 4 laptops attached to 4 of these a great deal better than some kids can handle their Ego's when they are ramping. This is at least setup to fire in a semi/response mode.

Here is issues I see with current incarnation of this device. There is no "hit" recognition so on it's own it has no idea if a player calls himself out. So if player gets up and starts to walk out...he would get lit up again.

I also do not know if current incarnation has any sort of "distance" identification, meaning if something moves that appears over a certain size, does it consider it closer and thus does not fire. This is a problem as well, one that with addition of some sort of range finder feed back could be resolved in later versions.

So let me ask you this...if the device has distance safe guards that are 99% effective, and has the ability to identify aggressive actions verse "running away" sort of algorithms, would you consider it closer to allowable in certain field situations?

I guess the core point would be, what do you see as the key point in hindering it from making a presence on a field?
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