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Originally Posted by konner09 View Post
The fact that computers can not differantiate people apart
No. The fact that this software can't is the issue.
(Computer systems are very capable of tracking humans and telling them apart, it just happens to be one of the hardest problems that is currently being solved in the computing world. Robotic weapons is a really cool field that I got out of very quickly, after I decided the idea of my mistakes killing people by accident wasn't worth the pay. I'm now in the game dev field. If people die because of the software I'm involved in, it's their own fault.)

As far as the safety factor goes, I don't see much of an issue of having a computer aim the marker and a human (Who is watching the same real time high-res feed the computer gets) press a button to fire. If wired correctly there is no greater chance of misfire than if the human were holding the marker themselves.

Heck, with the proper camera feeds you can even have better visibility while sitting in an air conditioned room watching it on a few big screen TVs than you could trying to look through a sweat and paint smudged mask.

With the proper facial recognition software applied, you can even red-light the unit and disallow it to fire if a face or face like object is detected.
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