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Custom Masks.

Pricing starts at 50 dollars when the user supplies JT Spectra frames, a lense, a strap, and a Vents mouth guard.

For a mask made with used frame components, a new lense, a new strap, pricing will be around 90 dollars.

Pricing escalates based on what components I will need to source to build your mask.

Current pricing for new spectra frames are around 40 dollars retail. Lenses alone are 25. Please keep this in mind when I quote your build.
Spectra frames with lenses are closing out at 27.00 on ANSgear... I highly recommend that anyone interested in my system snag some new frames at a good price.

In fact, I like the purple, aqua, and lime green frames so much, that I'll trade reVent ears for any of them.

Special one-off components are also available. Please ask!

Green reVents on left have older JT frames. White reVents have current JT frames. Keep in mind that the overall look of the mask changes a lot depending on components used! (I4's with headarmor. For size reference...But is also a great example of what else we can do!)


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