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Let me just add a few things

Paintball is a huge sport it has more people playing every year than there is in all of baseball.

Statistics show it is also one of the safest sports. "believe it or not"
I have Played since 87 and have never been injured myself, nor have I seen a serious injury other than a badly twisted ankle. As long as you teach the right safety rules to your child then it is one of the safest sports there is.

I know someone mentioned this already I'm just going to expand on it.
It is also important to play with your kid, not just to support them, but to be there and help them understand right from wrong and most importantly good sportsmanship. If you can't physically play then just be there as a spectator to support them. At least until you find and are comfortable enough with one of the more experienced players there that will help them out. But thats if you really need to be somewhere, because I guarantee once you watch or play a few games you will get hooked as much as your kid.

Goggles are important I agree 100% with that. But you don't need to go out and get an 80 - 100 dollar set for your kids, for them to be safe. JT has been around for longer than any other goggle producer out there, and offers a wide verity in masks. The Spectra Systems are the best JT offers and you can get good quality Spectra Nforcer goggles for $35. JT also offers many others in the Spectra line ranging form the $35 Nforcers to the $60 Flex 8 and the $65 Pro flex. The best thing about JT is how long they have been around because you can always get replacement lenses for them and you know there quality if they have been around that long. There are also other good quality goggles systems out there for the same price range. Prices can vary allot depending on were you go. One of the cheapest I found is Action which is ware these prices are from.

The reason I recommend JT is once I spent $95.00 on the state of the art (at the time) goggle systems called the Vents Predator, within a year after me getting them they went out of business and the Replacement lenses became increasingly hard to find until they disappeared all together. Then I had a $95 goggle system that was only a 1 1/2 maybe 2 years old but were worthless because I had no lens.

But as I said JT has been around a long time and they make motorcycle goggle as well. So you don't have to worry about Replacement Lens availability.

The only real disadvantage to JT is changing the lens, they can be a real pain.

Which is ware your more expensive goggles come in. The better systems such as Empire Events have a quick change lens system. But thats the only real advantage they have over JT(other than the fact that they look really cool)

The most important thing is stay away from ultra cheep goggles

#1 Most do not have thermal lenses (Thermal lens is important to stop your goggles from fogging)Many Players have been injured because of the fogging issue, because they lift their mask to wipe the inside of the lens off (because they can see) and then get hit in the face.

#2 They are not comfortable

#3 Cheap goggle systems usually don't protect as much of your face and head, as do the better systems

#4 They don't let you move as freely or see as freely.

As far as guns go. I recommend something rugged, reliable, simple to fix for the first gun, like a mechanical Semi Auto Blowback such as a Kingman Spyder. They are simple to fix and inexpensive. There are many guns on the market that fit that criteria, I just gave one example.
Stay away from High Tech toys to start with. Such as AutoCockers and Electro's, the reason I say that is because they are more temperamental if they get hit hard, dropped or get wet and so on. They are also harder to repair yourself and more expensive for a pro shop to fix.

Extras that are nice to have

Is a pair of gloves, it stings like heck to get hit in the hands and can even cut the skin if it hits you right.

A small pod pack to start with maybe just a Double pack with 2 140 round pods

and a barrel swab or squeegee to clean your gun

most other stuff can wait till you gain more experience

Now all the stuff I listed Gun, Goggle System, Squeegee, and a few I didn't talk about Tank and Hopper. All of that can be had for less than $200 and for a little bit better gun $300. If you get a package at the right place you can save a fortune. I suggest you shop around and do your home work first before you decide to buy.

I think all of what I said is pretty accurate, but you other guys please add to or correct me if I said something wrong. Sorry I got SOOO long winded

OOOOHHHH YA The MOST, MOST, MOST important thing after safety is to HAVE FUN !!!!

almost forgot to tell you that

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