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Pie's review of Orpackrat's 13/3k paracord cover

Ok, I apologize in advance because I don't have any pictures. I will try and take some later, but I gotta find a memory card and stuff for my camera.

Anyways, on to the review.

The Product
So for those that don't know, Orpackrat makes tank covers for 13/3000 tanks out of 550 paracord. They are held on the end by shock cord tied into a knot on the end, and then burned to make sure it doesn't fray.

Quality 10/10
These are super high quality. Even though they are made by hand, they look and feel as if they were made by a factory.

Durability and Protection 10/10
I ran mine through the sand, dirt, etc as well as bumped it against trees, rocks, tables and other hard objects. As dirty as it got, I could wash it out and it would look almost brand new. As far as protection goes, it protects the tank just fine for normal play. As long as you aren't using your tank as hammer, you should be fine.

Ability to Use 7/10
This is the only short-coming of this cover. It is extremely hard to put on. The first time it took 3 people to get the cover on. If maybe one shock cord was slightly bigger then the other, it would be a lot easier.

With a price point of around 30 bucks, it is definitely worth it to have one of these in your gearbags.

Before this, I would dread to use a 13/3k because it dug into my shoulder like no other. They were too skinny and would hurt my shoulder. With this, it feels almost as good as my 45/45 that i'm used to. Definitely improves the feel of a 13/3k by 100%.

Other people's opinions
So I passed this around with the regulars at my field and these were some of the comments they had.

Most of them said that they loved the look of it. A lot of them said that it improved the feel of the tank a lot. A few complained that it was lakers colors (I got the purple/yellow one) but still loved the feel of it. EVERYONE complained about putting it on though. so besides being hard to put on, it's amazing!!!!!

Final score: 9/10
Would have been a perfect 10 if not for the hard to put on part.

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