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Scheduled MCB Shutdown for Upgrade

We're going to have to shut the site down for... I don't know, an hour or two I think?

Just trying to figure out the best time to do it. Regretfully, 3 am doesn't work for me. And this will need to be an eventual thing...

I messed up the database some many many months ago. Not a big deal in the large scheme of things, but to do further upgrades, I need to revert the database, rebuild it, reinstall, and then upgrade. Basically just some time consuming stuff.

Instead of messing with the old one, we'll just rebuild it on a new platform, that way if it doesn't work or something goes wrong, we can easily just point it back to the old database.

The reason why we have to shut down is because new posts can't be created when I save the database and then re-upload it into a test section. I mean, they can... They'll just be lost forever and it will be as if you never wrote them.

So I'm thinking I'll need a couple of hours. It should go much much faster, but you know how that always seems to work out.

Give me some thoughts on a time.


P.S., read about the upgraded Android Phone App.
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