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DesertT1 Phantom UC pump kits $125/$130

They are finally ready!

I'm no photographer, so bear with the closeups and the glare.

Pretend it's a 12g

Compared to my halfblocked Sniper II with CCM premium kit, centered at the triggers.

Why buy mine?

*Dual mounting points on the grip frame, no wobble from the attachment point. Also won't work its way loose and fall apart on the field like others have told stories of.
*Dual guide rods eliminating twisting in the stroke.
*Front thumb screw is held in place by the kit, making teardown easier with one less part to lose.
*Vent hole on underside of pump handle to eliminate any suction between the handle and both guide rods.
*Others that I'm too tired to remember right now

Price: $125 US shipped to the US, $130 US shipped to Canada. Paypal is preferred, but other methods will be considered.

I have 11 available at this time. I will try to keep this number up to date.
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