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Aftermarket ?

Originally Posted by A.C. Basbas View Post
So I just snagged another PTP Micromag, and the linkage has got me bamboozled. It's an older model, dust black with a powerfeed (2 screw).

Obviously it doesn't use an AM/MM pin, because there's no rail, but there doesn't seem to be threading for an RT/Emag style pin... It won't take the pins from my centerfire Micromags either...

There's a large hole (the same width as an AM/MM pin) on the show side of the gun, and a smaller, half blocked hole on the passenger side.

Currently I'm using a standard AM/MM pin, and blocking the larger hole with a cork. As classy as this setup is , I'm anxious to set this old beauty up right.
You sure its not one of those aftermarket ones that was selling ?
Sounds like one of the many problems I had with one I got from there before I finally sent it back and gave up on it.

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