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Pirate DSG- Work in Progress

Alright, got bored waiting for the wooden pistol grip (which I may not even wind up receiving as some shennanigans are already starting up with the seller), so I decided to finally get around to cutting up my OEM Mossberg furniture set that I had picked up off of Ebay some months ago...

So here's pretty much what I started with:

And after a couple of quick cuts followed by hours of sanding and dremeling....

Unfortunately the only way I could get any detail with my crappy camera was to use the flash, which sort of washed out the black.

The foregrip was shortened by about an inch on each end to come very close to standard DSG pump length. I didn't want to destroy the checkering so I just did a quick light sanding to prep it for stain. Hope it works...

The grip was trickier. Once I cut off the stock, unfortunately the only way to round it off to a usable shape was to take off some of the checkering, which ruined the nice border groove. So I had to use the engraving attachment on the dremel to go back around and redo it to the new contour. It looks a little funky now but I'm confident when it's stained it will fill in nicely and be almost indistinguishable from factory (except for the groove being a bit wider). And for the record, no, the grip isn't really comfortable like this, but it DOES look damn cool . If you choke up on it a bit it's not too bad though.

Keep in mind, this isn't at all finished yet. I need to stain and seal the wood, then butcher the ever-loving crap out of the stock pump handle so that it will act as a sleeve inside the Mossberg foregrip. It will then simply be glued on with either epoxy or Gorilla Glue or something of that ilk. I'll also need to knock a bit off of the right side of it to work with the Gen 3 feed's retractable pusher.

Just for fun- a slightly modified pic to show what it would look like with the planned 10" barrel and new short Gen 3 feed system. I present to you two fists full of badass:

UPDATE!!! 8/14/2011

Ok, crappy weather led to my early return from the beaches of Wildwood, so I took a couple of pics to show what's been done since my first post. I WILL have more (and better, hopefully) pics shortly but the battery on the camera went dead right as I was about to snap some shots with the short feed and a 10" barrel installed.

Wooden pump is ON! It actually works right now although I haven't glued the wood to the delrin. Still have some cuts to make to both the wood and delrin to clear the Gen 3 feed's slot and retractor before I can do that though.

Apologies for the horrid lighting situation in my apartment. It's monsoon season so there's not much daylight coming from the windows to help me out. This shows the passenger side and a line marked on the pump where I have to cut it to clear the feed.

I was doing my best to NOT cut into the checkering, but unfortunately, the only way to get the short feed to fit was to get the pump handle back as far as possible onto the original handle. That meant having to notch in for the bottom pump arm... The cut still needs to finish sanding and such but I ran out of time.

Closer shot of the area that needs to be trimmed to clear the feed.

Hacked-up delrin pump installed into the Mossberg pump.

Some of the clearancing I had to do to get the hacked pump to fit. It might not look like a lot but this was some very time consuming trial and error. PITA I say...

Another detail shot of the clearancing...

This is what you have to make the pump handle look like to fit inside the pump. Originally I was going to leave the part the pump arms attach to untouched and let the wood stick off the front a bit, for simplicity's sake, but sure enough that didn't work with the short feed system, so I had to butcher it even further. Also had to mill down a bit of the upper arm and re-sink the holes for the cone-head screws to get them flush.

If I hadn't milled the arm down, I'd have been cutting it way too close and making the wood pump way too thin in that spot for comfort. Thankfully the raw milled portion is hidden by the pump handle when it's installed so no exposed aluminum!

This is a really good one to demonstrate just how much had to be cut off even the back end of the pump. The lower arm doesn't have a notch to sit in at all anymore, it's just held on by the two screws.

Well that's it for now, I'll give the camera battery a while to charge and come back with more pics with the wood handle and the short feed installed with the 10" barrel.

A little later, that same day...

Ok, and the short feed pics:

UPDATE 8/19/11
Staining and Sealing:

Finished Product!!!!!

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