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Ok so Blizzard did that with what game? Do you think a franchise like cod would get away with that and people wouldnt complain lol besides who cares about world of warcraft besides a bunch of nerds. They couldnt stand up for themselves in highschool like hell their going to do it when their angry about the delay of a game!
Actually, COD is the complete opposite. Activision will release a game way before its even complete. Latest example was BO. First week or so was completely unplayable for online multiplayer. For PS3 at least. The result? They had a number of class action lawsuit against them for selling an incomplete product.
Blizzard on the other hand is notorious for pushing bad deadlines for years (ex. Diablo 3). Even despite pre-orders. If Blizzard doesnt feel like the product they're selling is complete, they wont release it. (Of course their are still bugs and patches to be had, but that happens with almost all games) The difference however compared to Activision is that Blizzard has received a good reputation for putting out quality games despite how long it takes to develop.
I'd rather pre-order an item that i know will function but take will take year to make than an item i can get today, but will not function.

Plus, its not wise to piss off the online "nerd" community. See what happened to Sony?
And btw, a WoW is just for weakling nerds. Its for anyone who enjoys it.
Just last year, some guy was talking sh*t and pissed off the wrong group of ppl. He got jumped and sent to the hospital.
But anyways.....
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