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lots of parts for sale = cocker, tibs, gauges, drop and other pb parts

if u have question or need more picture email me at
i take paypal, money order and check but will place a hold on mo and checks
prices does not include shipping cost, the minimum i charge for shipping and handing will be 2.75. the shipping does not include insurance, if u want it insured there will be an extra fee. i mainly ship through usps.

i'm willing to ship out of the country but paypal payment only. no insurance or tracking number, u r purchasing on your own risk. i am not responsible for non delivery, all the package i have ship have been received by the buyer. all i will provide is the custom number. if u want insurance shipping is going to be about 30 to 40 plus the cost of insurance.

sorry i'm not looking for trades just need to sell

if i have multiple items i have a tendency to raise the price on the what is left. if i get a message and we discuss the item i will honor the price we discuss about. i will only place pending notice because the payment for the item is being mail to me.

click to enlarge the image

$30 for the lot of qloader stuff

$10 for each used q loader pod
works but sometimes it stick when trying to release the ball, not sure if it's from winding to much or pods getting old

$15 for new 9.1 stock

$10 for tactical fore grip

$12 for dot sight

$10 for tri trail riser

$20 for 1x30 red dot scope

$8 for each gauge
sold kapp gauge sold

$5 for each gauge in the left pic, not mini type
sold $3.50 for each gauge in the right pic, not mini type all sold
keeping centerflag gauge in left pic keeping, gauge slightly damage and bent

$7 for each gauge

sold $6 for each 300 psi 32 degree gauge all sold

$8.50 for each 600 or 160 psi cp gauge
sold all 160 psi gauges sold

$8 for each 600 or 300 psi timmy gauge
sold all 600 psi timmy gauges sold

$4 for each drop
sold 2nd and 3rd black drop in first pic sold
sold long black drop in the right pic sold
sold top drop in left pic sold
sold bottom drop in the left pic sold
sold middle drop in the right pic sold

$5 for each ergo reg extension top

sold $8 for pmi reg sold
sold $40 for chrome st reg sold
$30 for bm reg

$8 for each board or motor
sold motor sold

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