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I'm a little confused?
Do you want to use the Soda steam for paintball? THen why does the grade of co2 matter?

The original Soda stream used Tippmann CGA320 valves, but the company recently switched to a proprietary valve when they noticed that people were refilling there own tanks. This is there primary source of income! (like inkjet printers. Companies make all the profit from selling ink).

But the tanks are still catalina. You should be able to pop off the old valve, and swap in a generic Tippmann-style CGA320 with 5/8" threads. They are a dime a dozen. I seem them on ebay for $4. Then you can rig up any sort of adapter using whatever (ie ada's, bottom lines, etc).

If you just want to refill your soda-stream with bulk co2? Yikes, those adapters are like $75! Is it possible to convert the soda-stream machine to accept CGA320 like the older Soda-stream machines?

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