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We have tried a variety of ways to make repairs on our sup-air bunkers. I can tell you now, gorilla glue, no
rubber cement, no
super glue, no
silicon adhesive, no

Most everything we have tried has not worked, especially when on seams or corners, and the ones that come up around the tie-downs.
Later on, and I am not sure what the name of the stuff is...but it is a fiberglass weave that you lay on much like doing bodywork. First you lay down a rubber cement-like glue, put the fiberglass patch over the bad spot and then cover again with the glue. Takes 24 hours to cure and is better than the bunker was to start with. I have no idea what it is called, it may not even be designed for paintball, but was the only thing we found that would stand up to the job.
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