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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post

Thanks Steve, couldnt have done it with out ALL of my family member's!

Originally Posted by masternater1217 View Post
Great to see that a small paintball company is capable of succeeding and expanding in this heavily corporate market through dedication to quality in product and service.
You saying that means allot, When it finally happened I was very humbled by the fact "its working" I have poured my life into FD since we started and its nice to see some positive coming back around. Personal wise we have had some isssues, so its a very welcomed change!

Originally Posted by chadders View Post
yay, rap4uk are were i get 50% of my stuff as it is lol and now more yay
Man, they carry everything! I was amazed at the products available. From paintball, airsoft, miltary, LEO/SO and the item I have been considering......their mountain boards, I am pretty dam sure I could bust a hip with little effort

Outdoor Equipment

Again thank you all,

They are ready for all of Europe, here's what went to them...

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