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Discovering the joys of an SU-26 of late... what a fun little arty piece! I have been having particular fun with its fast firing 76 howitzer.

Hardly any kills, but I damage near every tank I see and now I get to take pot shots at moving targets with less concern that I am wasting a round.

Was a bit drastic with my recent points bonanza... bought toys for my favorite tanks, but also sold a few I was bored with (T34/85, Wolverine and Luchs) in favor of a few lower tier tanks that I want to try.

I am beginning to see how hard it is to "make money" with a few of my higher tier tanks (tier VII and up) and also that the enjoyment level of playing the lower tiers with a tricked out tank exceed my efforts to roll with the mad dogs in tiers VII-X.

So now I have a range:

Tier III - SU-26
Tier IV - Grille and Leopard
Tier V - M4 and KV (got this for the rumor "refund" coming with the next patch)
Tier VI - VK3601 (no hurry to get the Tiger - 30k away)
Tier VII - IS (scads of XP away from the next tier, but about to get the big engine)

I have the T-43, M4A3E8 and M36 Slugger all researched, but I am beginning to see tier VI and higher tanks as being a bit of a money pit. Figure I will put all my upper tier eggs into my IS and hold off on other high tier tanks until I have piles of credits and boredom.

Anyway... rock on tankers of the world.


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