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Originally Posted by BigEvil View Post
Hey SSP, I heard a rumor that "Kinky Cam and the Sexy Stud" will be attending this event. Is there any truth to this? If so, I think I should get my shots asap.
Yes he is planning on attending. Get your shots now!

Originally Posted by Twilight View Post

Sept. is a great time of year for paintball in NH too!

Definitely looking forward to attending this again. We had an AWESOME time @ OSG last year and I've heard a lot of great things about BOLP
This year will be better. Good things are on the horizon

Originally Posted by redic View Post
I will be coming up from good ol Dundalk for this

And this ninja is ready to shoot everyone out again

I even made my heat seeking Mongoose paintballs. For more of those where did that come from moments
Oh yessa!

Originally Posted by Dirge View Post
To the event!

work may give me a problem though.........
That's no good. Need me to call them for you?
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