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WORLD OF TANKS - OVERLORD'S BLOG: Full Tech Trees Revised and Improved

The patch that is coming up sometime in August (sooner rather than later most likely) is expending ze German lineup. The VK3601H will become the branch-off point where you'll be able to choose whether you want to go down the medium branch or either of the two heavy branches.
I'm going to hold off spending my VK36 XP on the Tiger to see how the new heavies perform. I already know the current Tiger is a bit of a lame duck compared to the Russian and American tier 7 heavies, but I want to know if the new German heavies are worth the Tiger grind or if I should switch over to the other heavy branch.

The Russian tree is supposed to be updated with either the patch after this one or the next one after that (can't remember if they're updating the Russian tree before or after the French tree comes out), so probably October or later. From what I understand the KV will be split off into the KV1 and KV2, and anyone who has a KV with the large turret in their garage at that time will get a free KV2 and a garage spot when the tree gets updated.

I like the Hummel because of its crazy speed and maneuverability, but yeah its accuracy leaves much to be desired. Tier 5 and up arty is just not the same kind of game as the lower tier arty. Most people find that the su26 is the most enjoyable arty to play.

I found the E8 much better than the M4, but then again I didn't care for the M4 at all. The E8 was a great tank with the fast 76mm, so much so that I kept it for a while after getting the T20. But once I had the T20 fully upgraded it became a real joy to drive. It's totally worth any kind of grind you have to do to get to it.
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