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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
can't really do any workouts that include legs, my legs are pretty weak from slacking off and injury and they're pretty out of strength just from running. i guess it's the pushups and pullups for me.
Well your legs won't get stronger if you don't start working them. Do wall squats like back in gym class. Start with less reps and work up to it. just stand with your back to a wall and your feet maybe 4 inches out and squat down til your knees are at in between 45-90 degrees and hold it.

I had ACL surgery last December and I am up to doing my earlier posted work out now. You can do it too if you stick with it.

Please please please don't ignore them just cuz they are weak. Your quads are a huge muscle mass and the more you build them, the better off you will be. Just do mini squats (up to 45 degrees) if you can't do full ones.. you have to work them or they will never get better.

5 Calf raises on your stairs, and 5 wall squats for 10-15 seconds maybe 3 times a day (increase as you go)

It will only help you bro.

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