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Project SMG Special

This has been something I've been kicking around for awhile and I finally got started on it this week. Started off with this idea, why not take the positive traits from the SMG60, SMG68 and 68 Special, combine them while eliminating all the negative?

Disclaimer: No working SMGs were sacrificed

Negative: .62 cal and the receiver destroys itself where the receiver end cap screws in because its thin.
Positive: Full auto capability
Negative: Magazines destroy themselves with use. Semi only (personal view)
Positive: Beefier material for the receiver end cap, .68 cal
68 Special:
Negative: no longer uses stripper clips and a magazine.
Positive: Beefier material for the receiver end cap

The idea was started a while ago when I picked up a junk, cut up SMG60 receiver. Its a real shame what happened to this SMG. Its an early external air line marker with the screw in bead site. As you will see in a later picture, it is even missing the two gas relief holes. I have no clue how early this one was, the serial number was gone.

A 68 Special receiver is just a modified SMG receiver along with the improvements giving it extra strength for the end cap. The breach/magazine section is milled away to allow for the replacement upper receiver.
So why can't it be reversed back?

In progress (sorry for the horrible cell phone picture)

Milling completed on the new receiver.
I bead blasted it and re-blued the barrel. The barrel was very rusty and I'm pleased with how it cleaned up.

Here you can see the missing gas relief holes.

The receiver tube was also rusty. Here is the after shot showing how it cleaned up after bead blasting and bluing. The magazine has yet to be done but it shows how the receiver tube looked originally.

To do:
- drill and tap the new milled receiver for helicoil inserts to prevent the stripping of aluminum threads.
- Bead blast and blue a few parts
- mill the 68 Special receiver for the constant rate spring screw.

Wait you say...this is just going to be an updated SMG60? Its still .62 cal!

To be continued.....
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