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Shirt How To:

This was a discussion a few months ago. Since Halloween is just around the corner, I decided "BOOFLOUGE" would be appropriate for this "HOW TO". So I bribe Mom with some Bingo cash and off we go:

First you need a pattern. Get the one that fits you. Note the size on the side of the package. Mine should just be stamped "FAT ***". This is a short sleeve pattern, but the same principle applies to long sleeve.

Then you need your BOOflouge, or what ever suites you best. One good point. Always buy your Camo after hunting season, the price drops alot. Or look on the $1 tables for what you like.

Next lay out the material and cut out the pattern. In this case we will start with the front of the shirt. Fold the fabric in half. and place pattern on the "FOLD" of the fabric. Not the "V Collar as a reference.Now pin everything in place.

Once you have pinned everything, make sure you add a little extra for shrinkage when washed. I'm a big guy, so I always add extra and cut to XXL size. Not I gave myself and extra 5" at the bottom of the shirt and an extra 3" at the sleeves.

Now lets cut it out. Note how the back collar is on the fold. This will allow it to be one piece when cut out.

Front half complete. Note the extra material left at bottom and at sleeve.

Now lets line up the material. Multi patterns need to match up. You should have a mirror image of what is on front, should be on back lined up. So sometimes you have to move down the fabric till everything lines up. This is totally up to you. You don't have to do this if you don't care what your shirt looks like. For this application we will "Dress right Dress" everything as close as possible.

Let's cut out the back portion of the shirt. Same thing, everything is cut on the fold.

Cutting on the fold. Means just that. Since all patterns are in halfs. So fold your material long ways. When cut this is how the should look.

The back sleeve has to be trimmed straight. I don't know why, but that's what Mom says so I guess it's right. Note the start to finish pictures.

Fold the fabric under till the top half of sleeve is in line:

Pin it down. This is what it should look like when pinned and ready for cutting. Note how you will cut at the sleeve angle.

Now cut the excess:

Sleeve is now straight:

All cut out and ready for stay stiching. Meaning just a temporary sew job. This allows for my fat *** to fit in it so adjustments can be made. ie tucked in, remove excess fabric or whatever. Once all adjustments are made then a final permanet stich is done. Always stay stich when making adjustments. Once you have reached final fit up then permanent stich.

Stay Stiched shirt. Mom had to wait till 0100 in the morning to make sure that I fit in the shirt (I work nights. She wakes up after I get home and we talk a while). So here it is stay stiched. Note how a 1/4 seam goes all around the shirt. This is common practice when sewing. Even the pattern instructions will tell you this. Always sew inside out.

The stay stich has been pulled out,now it's time to put on the collar. Note on stay stich. It really doesn't have to be used all the time. Mom uses it to make sure everything fit perfect and enough room is allowed.

Let's get the collar ready.

First iron them and then sew them together.

The "V" collar.
This is the hardest part is setting the collar correct. Pining from the inside, to sew to the outside. Your on your own here. The pics should make it clear.

Lay out the "V". Sew per instructions of pattern.

Pin Collar to inside of shirt as such:

Note how it is pinned together:

Should look like this when sewn:

How it looks from the outside before it final sew:

Final sew. See the thread:

Back of collar.
Mom just did a zig zag stich on this. Not a critical thing. Won't be seen when worn. First you have to iron a hem in it. Then you sew it down like so:

Now let's sew it in. Attach per pattern instructions.

Sew in place.

This is how it should look when complete.

Almost finished. Let's do the hem. 1/4 all around. A rolled or single hem is up to you. I'm into disposable wear,so fraying does not bother me. The choice is yours.


Shirt bottom hem

Once everything is hemmed, iron the whole shirt.

Final finished product:

With all the pictures and working nights, this took a total of 2 days. Someone who is very good at sewing should be able to do this in about 2 hrs after everything is cut out. Good rainy day project. Great project for Mom or Grandma,after you bribe them with money or work lol. I hope this helps everyone. I'll do a Pant "How To" at a later date. I need lounge pants for the house.


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