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Originally Posted by GratefulWood View Post
Find a tank to exploit for cash not so much XP.
In Beta it was the Hummel (40k a match easy)
Then early in the release it was the t34 with 76 quick firing cannon (60k a match before they nerfed it)
Now , for me , its the t40. Usually make a good chunk of change (12-20) every round and the matches are small enough I can usually dictate the outcome. Even when im last on the list in the t40 I can usually pull out a couple kills.
I'll have to give this a try, lately this game has been frustrating as hell, im only driving a tier III TD, but they keep putting me in matches with tier 5 and 6 heavies, With the highest penetration gun on my TD i still dont penetrate, even from the weak side of the tank, and everything that hits me is a 1 hit kill.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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