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Well, it looks like they have taken down the test server (I finally did get in with Al's help). It was fun while it lasted. Got to try out a couple of tanks that I am happy I did not have to buy and got to try the new Siegfried Line map a few times.

I guess this means that the new patch will be coming out soon.

The most interesting aspects of the new patch that I could see was the reorganized German medium and heavy tank trees. Did a little bit of experimenting and discovered that I really want a Tiger AND a Panther... my favorite models to build as a kid.

Did some serious grinding on my VK3601 and managed to get myself a Tiger. Almost all upgraded now, working uphill toward that last big engine module.

So far the Tiger is an interesting tank. With the big gun, it is way more lethal than anything I have run before in these upper tier battles. That said, the long 88 is still seems a bit small compared to the competition in most of those top tier battles.

It is also kind of expensive to run. A knocked out tank usually costs in the neighborhood of 9-10k and often that will exceed the points earned in a losing battle. On the other hand, doing some quick calculations after about 10 battles with my Tiger, it is doing better than I thought, averaging about 11k per battle vs. an average cost of about 7-8k per.

So... I will keep it!

Did a lot of consolidating to afford the Tiger and all the upgrades... aside from the Tiger I am now down to my tier IV Grille and tier V money tanks, the KV and the M4. Also my IS which is basically the same as the Tiger in use and at a slightly lower cost. If I play a game or two with one of those IV/V tanks, I do not really notice the occasional points shellacking I get in my tier VII's, Tiger/IS.

I will just have to save these expensive higher tier tanks for special occasions or when I am feeling rich. I am sure the Panther is gonna suck the points out too, but... I WILL have one.

Anyway, rock on WoT Tankers.


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