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TFG Mechanical Mod Kit - Ion/Vibe/GOG, etc - - y0da900&Deathwish_DW

3/19/17 Update

Mech Kits are now for sale on TFG's Website!!

$40 for a kit without bolt, $45 for a kit with stock modded bolt.

TFGPB V4 Bolts will be released in limited amounts moving forward for $30. Two Fat Guys Paintball TFGPB | Premium Upgrade Performance Parts

Link directly to mech kits:*Click me*

**** Everything under this line is being kept for reference and may not reflect current pricing, performance, or other information. ****

3/4/17 UPDATE ***

We are just about ready to release some more mech kits for sale. They will initially be sold without our bolt, but with the option for a stock, modified bolt at a very small additional cost.
If you are interested, please fill out this form so we can get you taken care of.

Mech Kit Form - Two Fat Guys Paintball

For V3 Ion Bolt Replacements / Upgrade to V4, please see this thread:

***************************** 9/5/15 - Mech kits still for sale, bolts are not. Progress on bolts is being made in two directions however. We are working on analyzing the existing bolt as well as alternative core pieces. For more info and pretty pictures (Pretty neat), click here:

******************************* 5/28/15 - We are HALTING sales of the V3 Ion Bolt. During this time, mechanical kits without bolts as well as closed bolt kits, etc are still for sale.

We are seeing sporadic issues where the 2x7 core oring is blowing off. We originally had one report of this out of many sold. In the past few days, we have had quite a few more pop up per a lesser amount of actual bolts sold. This is very concerning to all involved. We are have been looking at alternative seals since we had this singular report and are now simultaneously testing a new core piece which should help rectify the issue, regardless of us finding a correct seal for the 2x7 on the V3 bolt. We know that this is an inconvenience to our customers who have not only purchased a bolt from us, but who are looking to purchase a bolt from us. After a three hour long skype call, Jonathan and I believe that this is the best course of action to limit the amount of problem bolts out there to make it easier to rectify, but also because we will NOT knowingly sell a product which does not preform to our standards. If anyone has an issue with their V3 bolt, please post in one of our threads or PM Me.

**** We have bolts back in stock for the CLASSIC Ion ONLY. XE/Vibe/GOG Bolts may come in the future depending on demand.****

Two Fat Guys V3 Ion Bolt.
~40 FPS increase over V2 bolt.
Complete 2x Rebuild kit is included with each bolt.
These are the bolts we will be using for the mechanical ion mod kits.

**** I need to update the thread. - Please pardon this quick and dirty update. *****

Y0da900 and Deathwish_DW are Proud to Present..

Their {Updated [x2!]} Mechanical Ion [AND Vibe/SP1/GOG] Mod Drop-In Kit

*Ion Mech Mod Kit*

*Vibe/SP1/GOG Mech Mod Kit*

O-Ring Diagram for our Bolt

Manual in PDF Download *click!*
Updated Revision 2 Manual with Ion and Vibe/SP1/GOG installation instructions

Pre-Order Thread for Reference! *Click*

Y0da900 and I started talking about making a mech ion mod kit after my meanderings in Mac valves.
The result is a drop-in kit that includes everything needed to convert your regular electronic ion into a mechanical beast!

Our goal was to make a kit that will require no modifications such as drilling or taping of your existing marker. A bracket slides in the old board's spot to hold the valve and you connect the hoses to your existing banjo fittings.

What's included!?

1 Custom Y0da900 Designed, Valve Retention Bracket (v2 Ion, V1 Vibe/Sp1/GOG)
1 Custom Y0da900 Designed, Triple Tail O-Ringed Bolt (v1)
1 Mechanical Valve w/ 4 different sized delrin spacers to place on the valve's stem to allow a greater range of customization to suit your trigger preferences!
1 3/32 * 1/16 * 3/32 Reducing Tee
aprox. 9in of 5/32 Ion Hose
aprox. 7in of 1/8 Ion Hose

{Updates + Misc.}

--- V2 Ion Brackets - Brackets now have two set screws to help hold them in place as well as aid in the adjustment of your trigger geometry!

---Extra brackets are $15. Revised brackets are available for purchase for older kit owners. They are not a necessary upgrade unless you are truly having issues mounting the bracket in the frame.

---Non-Standard requests for frames other than the stock ion frame or the Vibe/SP1/GOG frames will require consultation for a custom bracket. Please PM y0da900 or Deathwish_DW for more information.

--- The Delrin Spacers will NOT be available for sale separately. All parts are available for sale as replacements to existing owners. We will not be selling parts to people who have no purchased a kit due to the fact that getting several hundred of the valves resulted in us BUYING OUT the MANUFACTURER'S GLOBAL SUPPLY and required them to make an ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION RUN for to complete our order.

Pictures / Video!

Pricing and Payment:

Complete Kit w/ Bolt: $70 USD.
Complete Kit WITHOUT Bolt: $64 USD.

The prices above INCLUDE shipping within the ENTIRE USA (and PR >;p).

International orders ARE welcome!

Shipping is verrrryyyy expensive if you want tracking.
THEREFORE, we will ship via USPS First Class International Mail which does NOT have a tracking option!
We will NOT be held accountable for these packages!
If you wish to pay the extra amount for USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail,
make sure to ask us Deathwish_DW for a quote!

The fastest and easiest way to pay is via PayPal.

Paypal Email for Payments:

You MUST leave a note saying what you bought (Mech Ion or Vibe/SP1/GOG kit w/ or w/o bolt.
Please note that Ion XE's require the Vibe/SP1/GOG boltstop and if you are planning on using your kit in an Ion XE, you NEED to make a note of this as well),
Your address, and your MCB Name!

A Note About Future Revisions/Upgrades:

All kits will be shipped with the latest revision of our parts, bolts, brackets, etc. If a kit is ready to be shipped but we are only a few days away from having the next revision ready, we will hold the kit until we have the next step up and at that time It will be shipped.

Between revisions, the new and "upgrade" parts will be sold for a nominal fee. They are NOT necessary! Your kit WILL work perfectly ok without them, but we may find a way to make a better bracket or source better bolts, etc and this is what the sale of revision parts is for.

To those who Pre-Ordered your Kits:
As you know, as a perk for Pre-Ordering, you will be provided with all future upgrades at no cost to you. We only ask that after a couple of revisions or a major one (valve/bolt), that you send in your old parts as a swap.

As always, we'd like to thank everyone who has shown us support.
You guys are awesome!

Special thanks go out to Bryce Larson for doing some kick related testing for us and to all of those who Pre-Ordered!

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