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Originally Posted by mpsd View Post
Forget the Mini. Get a pump. And a Mag. And some Brass. And an older blowback semi just to check the feel of it (you know, the actual blow-back kick those old guns provided), and then you could get another pump to see the difference between a cocker and a Nelson and then... oh well. That's what MCB does to us...

Anyways, you should prepare you budget LOL
yyeeeaaahhhh, I'm trying really hard to resist buying every sub $150 Mag I see. And speaking of blowback kick, I keep remembering how much I loved the tippman 68 Carbine. Ohh and I really want one of those crappy carbon fiber barrels, and a mask that doesn't look like a rental, and a barrel kit,and a nice 12 gram adapter, and a cool mil-sim gun, oh and a Q Loader, and a decent fiber wrapped HPA tank, and a drop forward that doesn't wobble, and maybe one of those...

Yeah I think its started.
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