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Originally Posted by 3022
I do not like Freak. To expensive, to complycated. Silly, weak, tiny inserts. To many places for dirt or inaccuracies. Imho is a lot better to have two or three good inepiece barrels with different internal diametres, or something like Empire barrel kit with full-sized barrel backs.

But If you can choose your own paint (FPO limits), there is no need of these toys. Simply get one good barrel with medium bore diameter and good paint for it.
Have you ever actually owned a Freak set? I've got one, and all of the points you bring up are not problems at all.

If you have the case that comes with the set,and you don't leave the inserts laying around then you are fine as far as dented/bent inserts go. As for too complicated, it hardly is. How can 2 large and one small aluminum piece threaded together be complicated? It's really hard to call a barrel complicated when it sits on top of a 'cocker. The gas efficiency, even with the short inserts is the same as any other one-piece barrel I've got on my other guns. The advantage to having the Freak is that you don't have to monkey with different one-piece barrels. You just buy a $20 back for each gun you have and you're set.

I've had my set for two years and havent had a single problem whatsoever. I highly recommend the Freak.
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