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Happy Birthday WoT... be sure y'all head over there today for extra crap.

Deev, I hear you. Somehow the AP seems to carry farther out of that long 88. Find myself using it even at long range. HE is less impressive, of course, but use a lot of that too.

I do like to go with the pack sometimes. Just about anything with a medium flag overhead opens like a can for my 88. And it is accurate enough to do damage between the 'legs' of other tanks.

Trying to grind my way toward my other favorite tank, the Panther, within reach now that it is a tier VII tank, as it should be. Researched the VK3002DB without buying it and using my elites and gold to crank up free XP. Got three tier V elites working hard on the project so the 24k XP between me and my Panther will be gone quickly.

5x today will help.


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I still don't get that.
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