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after some profanity and dremel work, i managed to make this kit work with my ion rifle. remaking a trigger and getting a stock for a sks rifle to fit the 3-way was interesting, but it works great. i do have a bit of a leak, but i think that might be from the fitting on the air inlet/asa/thingy.

on a side note, i noticed that once in a while, there is a slight hiss from the breach, if i push the back of the bolt, it goes away. it is an old ion firing can, or what ever the back half is called, aka, not the bolt out the back version. could that be from the pressure being high or possibly something messed up with my gun? it might have been there before i installed the kit on it, but its been so long since i messed with it, i cant remember.. .

either way, i like this kit, it definitely solved a few problems that i had with the ion before. thanks
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