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like moonweasel said, don't be afraid to climb the lower numbered courses for awhile.
One thing I learned quick when climbing was using my legs to push myself to the next hold rather then my arms to pull me. Think of your arms/hands in most cases as an anchor. Bent arms also fatigue quicker then straight arms when holding.
oh, and treat your hands well after a long day of chalking them! My hands started splitting after a couple weeks because I wasn't using anything after my climbs to moisturize my skin.. looked pretty nasty..

dammit, now I want to climb again
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I googled: "Lube and SPace Dildo" and it brought me here... totally not what I meant, but I found a nice niche market to peddle my homo-erotic comedy routine so here I am.
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9 times out of 10, it's an electric razor. But sometimes...

it's a dildo.
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